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Rodrigues Revisited

For our Honeymoon we were initially planning on a tour of Europe but the wedding exhausted us so much that we decided to go back to Rodrigues. Its lazy lifestyle was all what we needed... relax and food. My best friend drove us to the airport at 4 am and we were ready to go.


All we did in Rodrigues was just sit in the hotel and eat their awesome food.


And when we were not satisfied with what they gave us, we also ordered food in the room.


Finally we decided to go to Ile de Deux Cocos (2 coconut islands) as my wife's friend had been there.

The island was about an hour away in a motorised boat. And the view there was magical. The island is a bird sanctuary and is home to many migrating birds coming to the south from Europe.

We had someone from the Wildlife give us a guided tour of the island and the species of birds that can be found there.


On our last day, we met a family friend who happens to be a distant cousin and he took us touring around the island. He lived in the island as a teacher. We went to a buffet lunch , missing a wonderful party at the hotel.


If ever you are planning to go to Rodrigues, I will suggest you to go to Hotel Pointe Venus just for the food.


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Getting there by ship and flying back.

We were set to go to Rodrigues island together. It was our first trip together and we were to depart at the Quay D Terminal in Port Louis for boarding the Mauritius Pride. It would take 36 hours for us to reach the island of Rodrigues which falls under the administration of Mauritius.


We boarded the ship and we had a deluxe room which included shower en-suite and also we had a TV. This was important as we were fully during the Euro 2008 period. Watched Croatia play and had a horrible dinner of "Chicken a la King"


After a day and a half of cruising, including my wife's sea sickness, we finally arrived to our destination. We were met by our tour operator who whisked us in 4x4 drive to the hotel as the island though small is quite hilly. Arriving at the small village of Mourouk, where our hotel was found we checked in and started exploring the rooms and the hotel area.


The beaches were wide and there was practically no one.


Afterwards we set for lunch and went to a scenic restaurant with magnificent views on the southern part of the island called La Detente, where we spent some time before going back to the hotel.


After some sleep and dining at the hotel restaurant, we had to go to bed as we were flying back early the next day.

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